Our Team

With over 30 employees, our collective experience in interior design, decoration, visual merchandising, real estate, logistics and marketing, sets us apart. Everyday we collaborate to create beautiful spaces. We aim to maximise the potential of every property we style. We are committed to professionalism and getting it right, on time, every time.


Renee Francis 

Managing Director

Before co-founding Spatial Property Styling, Renee worked as a real estate agent with one of Australia’s most highly regarded companies.

Her genuine understanding of the property market, combined with an interest in interior design, has enabled her to create a business that effectively services agents and vendors.

Renee is dedicated to growing the business and providing excellent customer service. Her time is shared between the Chatswood and Alexandria warehouses.

+61 422 806 727  renee@spatialpropertystyling.com.au


Carla Francis

Creative Director

Together with Renee, Carla founded Spatial Property Styling and is responsible for all creative aspects of the business.

After completing a Bachelor of Interior Architecture (UNSW), Carla worked at several architectural and design firms before focussing her career on property styling. 

Carla’s knowledge and passion for style and design is evident in her discerning furniture and decor selections, as well as her ability to transform any space into something extraordinary.

+61 434 356 831                        carla@spatialpropertystyling.com.au


Rebecca Ibrahim

Business Development Manager

Rebecca has a bachelor degree in design and her passion for interiors, combined with extensive sales and management experience, has led to an established career in the property styling industry.

Since joining Spatial in 2018, Rebecca has built and nurtured countless relationships while also managing our senior stylist team. She is creative, driven and always focussed on delivering exceptional service and ensuring our clients are well taken care of.

+61 413 584 557


Greta Thorne

Senior Stylist

Greta brings extensive experience to the Spatial Property Styling team. Since completing a Diploma of Visual Merchandising in 2009, she has worked in a variety of roles for some of the industry's most recognised brands.

Greta works closely with clients to establish how their property will benefit from styling. Her strong understanding of the technical elements of design,  coupled with an innate sense of style, produces excellent results every time. 

+61 423 872 268                      greta@spatialpropertystyling.com.au

Smll SPS Gabriella bw_2ML4168.jpg

Gabriella Rossi

Senior Stylist

Since completing her design studies 6 years ago, Gabriella’s passion for architecture and fashion has taken her on buying trips across the globe.

With exposure to trends on an international scale, Gabriella has developed a trained eye and thorough understanding of style across a broad range of aesthetics.

Gabriella enjoys working with a diverse range of clients, catering to their different requirements, while creating beautiful and harmonious spaces.

+61 499 908 100 gabriella@spatialpropertystyling.com.au


Sarah Downie

Senior Stylist

Sarah joined Spatial in 2018, bringing broad experience to her role having worked in both interior design and visual merchandising. 

Sarah’s began her career in property styling as an onsite stylist and she has since progressed to creative stylist and is now part of our senior team. 

Sarah looks after our agents and vendors in the inner west area, working closely with them to maximise the potential of every property she styles. 

+61 427 970 549 sarah@spatialpropertystyling.com.au


Joshua Reynolds

Senior Stylist

Josh has over 12 years experience in the real estate industry specialising in pre-sale preparation. He has managed the renovations of over 130 properties, ensuring each home is presented in a way to achieve the maximum sales result.

Josh is now part of Spatial’s senior styling team and is adept at creating inviting spaces that captivate potential buyers. During his consultations he works closely with agents and vendors, finding creative ways to best showcase their property.

+61 457 570 032               joshua@spatialpropertystyling.com.au


Samantha Del Monte

Senior Stylist

Samantha worked as a real estate agent before realising her passion and talents lay in interior design and decoration. She has since renovated and sold six properties and her personal experience enables a high level of understanding with the vendors and agents she works with.

Samantha appreciates a timeless and sophisticated style. She quickly identifies the strengths of any property she is styling and skilfully highlights these to attract potential buyers and increase sale appeal. 



Grae Gauld

Head of Styling

Grae moved into Property Styling after 6 years in Visual Merchandising & Retail Store Design, creating concepts communicated through products, installations & colour trends.

Armed with a Bachelor of Interior Design specialising in Commercial Projects from Raffles College, Grae has experience working as a stylist for magazine editorials, advertising campaigns and marketing shoots. He has also hosted styling workshops at Life Instyle, along side industry names such as Mr Jason Grant & Kirsten Bookalil.



Cassandra Allan

Operations Manager

Cassandra discovered her passion for property styling while working for her family’s building business. Seeing first hand how styling positively impacted sales results, she embarked upon an Interior Decorating Diploma at Enmore Design School.

Cassandra’s styling career now spans over 10 years and she has most recently taken over the operational responsibilities at Spatial, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across all areas of the business. 

+61 439 879 189 cassandra@spatialpropertystyling.com.au     


Laura Ugarte

Marketing Manager

Laura joined Spatial as a stylist and has since returned to her marketing roots to manage our marketing operations and communications. 

Her experience both onsite and as a senior stylist has afforded her with a great understanding of Spatial and the property styling industry. 

Laura now draws on her marketing skills to grow the business, working closely with Spatial’s sales, creative and executive teams to reach our company goals. 


Lucy Nairn-Smith

Marketing + Design

One of our most creative team members, Lucy studied a Diploma of Interior Decoration and Design at Enmore TAFE’s Design School, graduating with distinction in 2013.

Her extensive knowledge and experience in property styling, residential interior design and styling, buying, editorial and event styling, marketing and graphic design makes her a talented asset to the Spatial team.

Adaptable to any brief Lucy ensures Spatial keeps their brand consistent and on trend.


Marie Francis

Accounts Manager

Prior to joining Spatial Property Styling, Marie was the Office Manager at a real estate agency. Her vast organisational experience ensures the smooth day to day running of the business.

As well as being Mum to Carla and Renee, Marie handles accounts, human resources, scheduling and operational efficiencies – all while keeping the team in line!

+61 2 9698 4132


Coral Tsui

Client Manager - Alexandria

Coral holds both a Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Certificate of Visual Merchandising. She spent 7 years working as a visual merchandiser before moving into administration and sales. She has since gained extensive experience in customer relationship management.

Coral supports the Alexandria team and is the first point of call and main liaison for many of our clients. She loves that she is able to combine her creative interests and experience with her office administration skills. 

+61 2 9698 4132


Monique Hanna


A lifelong passion for design led Monique to complete a Bachelor of Interior and Spatial Design at UTS in 2016.

Monique works onsite, in the warehouse and the Spatial office. Her broad range of skills allowing her to be across many aspects of the business.

With a particular interest in interiors and architecture, Monique’s natural talents, combined with her studies and experience, make her a perfect fit for the Spatial team.

Smll SPS Anani bw_3ML7793.jpg
Smll SPS Nathan bw_3ML0039.jpg
Smll SPS Thales bw_3ML9515.jpg

Anani Limu

Team Leader

As a Team Leader for Spatial Property Styling, Anani teams up with Nathan to keep properties across Sydney looking their best for sale. Anani made the move from New Zealand and joins with Spatial team with a wealth of experience and is yet to be spotted without a smile on his face!

Nathan Blair


Prior to becoming one of Spatial’s valued Offsiders, Nathan worked as a Warehouse Supervisor, as well as a Baggage Handler at Sydney’s International Airport. When Nathan returns to the Warehouse at the end of the day he is heard before he is seen, always laughing and a real shining light for his fellow team members. Nathan pairs up with Anani each day tackling jobs all across Sydney.

Thales Caldeira


Thales works alongside Johnny offsiding across Sydney. With extensive experience in removals and customer service, Thales is an asset to the Spatial team and ensures every job he plays a role in is undertaken with maximum care, and Thales brings along with him a positive, friendly approach to each and every job.  

I love working with a team that knows their stuff and can be flexible with any situation, Spatial are my go to team for just that reason. They are great at understanding each clients personal situation and make sure that every installation suits the property perfectly.
— Nathan Briggs, Ray White