Choosing The Perfect Floral Arrangement

A beautiful bunch of flowers is the perfect finishing touch to a home. Adding colour, texture and a fresh, beautiful scent; flowers and foliage never fail to make a positive impression.

At Spatial, a large section of our warehouse is dedicated to artificial plants and flowers which is what we usually use when styling to sell. We have amazing suppliers that provide incredibly life like options and for vendors and agents who aren’t available to change the blooms weekly, this is the perfect option as our stylists arrange them and no one needs to worry again until the campaign is over.

But for those who can’t go past the real deal, here are some tips for choosing the best look for your home:

  • Before selecting your flowers, think about where you’re going to put them. A big space, like the centre of a dining table or a long buffet, looks best with something larger, while a side table suits a small posy. It’s important to get the proportion right so the flowers are balanced with the furniture they’re sitting upon.

  • Make sure they match your colour palette. If you have a blue theme going, bright red roses are not the best choice. Complementary colours are a much safer pick and you can never go past white for a simple but beautiful statement.

  • Want something that lasts longer? There are so many options that only become more interesting and wonderful as they dry. Eucalypts, cotton flowers and plumed celosias are structured, textural and can look good for months.

  • Foliage over flowers. A vase of magnolia leaves, palm fronds or silver gum is stunning. Foliage provides understated interest and is a firm favourite in the homes of Spatial stylists.