5 simple styling tips that work every time

These 5 simple, never-fail tips can be applied to any property and are the foundation to the most successful property presentations. They are inexpensive and you don’t need to call in the professionals. Before you begin your sales campaign, take a read and learn how to put your best foot forward…


Entrance - never underestimate the power of a first impression. Add a new welcome mat, paint the door and replace damaged hardware. Prune any trees or shrubs and ensure the path to your home is clear and inviting. People may drive past your house prior to an inspection and if it looks well maintained they will assume the rest of the property is in similar condition.


Colour - as stylists, we love a pop of colour but when selling your home, play it safe. Paint walls a neutral colour in a matte finish to create broad appeal and provide a blank canvas for someone to create their dream home.


Scent - nothing is as off-putting as the smell of mould, pets or smoke. Make sure everything is as clean as possible. Open the windows, burn a scented candle and display fresh flowers.


Light - the number one factor potential buyers crave. Clean your windows, remove heavy window coverings, ensure all light globes are in working order. A stylist can also cleverly choose furniture and soft furnishings which create the perception of light in darker spaces.


Declutter - everyone knows you need to clear your bench tops and remove your family photos but don’t stash it all in your cupboards. Potential buyers WILL open your wardrobes, kitchen draws and bathroom cabinets and if they look well organised, your home will appear to have ample storage and plenty of space for everyday living.

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